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Concrete Admixture
Concrete Admixture are the special additives that are used within the mixing and preparation of process of the cement paste to increase the durability, workability and strength of the final mixture that can be used in various construction applications. 
Tile Adhesive
Tile Adhesives are the high performance chemical agents that are used to paste and hold the rectangular and square shaped slabs over the surface of the walls and floors to give them a glossy and elegant look. 
Epoxy Tile Grout & Polymer Tile Grout

Epoxy Tile Grout & Polymer Tile Grout are the especially prepared high quality dense liquids that are widely used in construction applications for the filling of the new and existing concrete structures for the reinforcement.

Waterproofing Chemicals
Waterproofing Chemicals availed by us are the liquid solutions that are used to make a protective layer over the surfaces of roof, walls, terrace etc. to make them capable to resist impacts of fluid to prevent the damage produced in the structures. 
Water Repellent
Water Repellent are the hydrophobic chemical compounds that prevent the accumulation of aqueous solution to avoid the entering into the pores of the concrete structures.
Surface Treatment
The Surface Treatment solution availed by our company are synthesized by the mixing of various top quality raw materials that are used for the curing, cleaning and de-mouldification of the hard cementitious structures. 
Industrial Floor Hardener
Industrial Floor Hardener manufactured and supplied by our organization composed of best grade of natural and synthetic substances that results in a high quality chemical solution which increases the strength and toughness of the floor surfaces.
Industrial Grouts & Anchors
Industrial Grout Anchors are the fasteners that are fabricated by using heavy engineering materials which imparts greater tensile strength, rigidity and make them able to resist corrosion and chemical attacks due to the additives and binders present inside the grouting mixtures. 
Epoxy Coating
Epoxy Coating are the protective layer that acts a shield against the liquids such as water, acids and various other types of chemical. These are applied to increase the durability and strength and make the structure long lasting.
Mortar Mixers
Mortar Mixer are the highly dense composition of various types of cementitious products in exact required proportion which make the capable to offer different mechanical and chemical properties to enhance the quality of the concrete structures. 
PC Based Concrete Admixture
PC based Concrete Admixture are the especially designed chemical compounds that are added with an appreciable amount of poly-carboxylate as per other substances for the making of mixture which helps to prevent the attacks of water, chemicals etc. which in turn increases the strength. 

We mainly serve in the Gujarat region