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PC Based Concrete Admixture

PC Based Concrete Admixture are formed by the addition of poly-carboxylate which enhances the mechanical, mineralogical, microstructural and rheological behaviour of Portland cement pastes. They have an excellent hydration reactions which increases diffusion in later stages and reduces the porosity to prevent the entering of water which may results in the weakening of the concrete. PC Based Concrete Admixture has a comb type molecule structure due to the linear chain with the lateral carboxylate and ether groups. These solution makes it possible to reduce the water content by up to 40 percent to produce workable, high performance and very high resistant cementitious mixture. Buy from us these premium quality products in bulk at a reasonable price. 
Product Image (PROCRETE NPL S15)


Price: 500 onwards INR/Kilograms
  • Delivery Time:2-7 Days
  • Supply Ability:5000 Per Week
Product Image (PROCRETE R75)

Procrete R75

Price: 500 onwards INR/Liter

PROCRETE R75 differentiated from conventional superplasticisers in that it is based on a unique carboxylic ether polymer with long lateral chains. This greatly improves cement dispersion. At the start of the mixing process an electrostatic dispersion occurs but the cement particle’s capacity to separate and disperse. This mechanism considerably reduces the water demand in flow able concrete. PROCRETE R75 combines properties of water reduction and workability retention. It allows the production of high-performance concrete and/or concrete with high workability. It is a strong superplasticizer allowing the production of consistent concrete properties around the required dosage.


We mainly serve in the Gujarat region