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Quality Assurance

With the aim to serve the best, we have adopted a Total Quality Management Policy as per which our products like Integral Waterproofing Compound, Waterproofing Compound, Waterproofing chemicals and others are made from A grade raw inputs in accordance with national norms. This policy make our quality checkers keep eye on all the stages, from testing raw input to developed products. Moreover, we have maintained a modern quality checking wing, where Integral Water Proofing Compound, SBR Based Water Proofing, Joint Filler Cement Based, Mould Release Agent, Epoxy Coating Water Proofing, Silicon Based Water Repellent etc are tested for their finest quality standards. Our quality control and assurance policies ensures the excellence of all the substances, components, structures, and systems taken into use for the making and functioning of your industrial amenities. While it comes to the engineering facilities, the excellence, material, components and structures is subject to stringent standards and regulations. Our set quality assurance facilities assure compliance with the set specifications, quality standards and regulations.

We can assist you:

  • Conform with all applicable quality ethics and regulations
  • Confirm materials, and final goods via independent audits, inspections, checks, and witnessing
  • Advantage from quality guarantee at all stages

Our Modern Infrastructure Set Up

A robust infrastructure set up is built by us in a widely sprawling space so as to have a streamlined execution of all activities that lead to finest quality Integral Waterproofing Compound, Tile Adhesives and other products. In it, we have maintained all the major departments such as quality evaluation, accounts, R&D, sales & marketing, manufacturing etc. to have efficient working. In the manufacturing wing, we have maintained modern machines, tools and facilities that are needed for production of offered products in a good speed. Adjacent to this cell, our firm has maintained a warehouse, where stock of raw inputs and developed products is safely and categorically stored by us.

Our Mission

We aim to fulfill our mission of creating best quality  Integral Water Proofing Compound, SBR Based Water Proofing, Joint Filler (Cement Based) and other products via:

  • Being driven by the market requirements
  • Being fair and ethical at all times
  • Continuously improving and innovating
  • Recruiting and retaining talented & successful employees
  • Reviewing our progress via honest feedback from our professionals
  • Staying focused

Our Vision

We aim to become a mutually beneficial partner of our stakeholders and associates. To attain the set vision, we will be viable and maintain relevancy through bringing practical innovations and maintaining focus on efficiency & consistency...

Business Philosophy

  • To respond to the various requirements of society
  • To regularly conduct research and development activities on latest technologies and products
  • To provide optimum products across the globe
  • To address the requirements of customers in today's era of development & technical innovation of infrastructure
  • To heightened the awareness of nature protection.

Products Portfolio

Our organization has outstanding infrastructure amenities such as multiple regional offices, well-resourced R & D laboratory, and manufacturing plants, proficient personnel and orientations across numerous business sections from the best recognized organizations in the field. The R&D and Training amenities are reinforced with the premium expertise and infrastructure, supporting the set in achieving its corporate goals. Our production infrastructure is immaculate, furthering the procedures and producing the finest quality products. Our company is acknowledge for manufacturing, supplying and exporting following products:

Concrete Admixture

Water Reducer

Retarding Admixture

High Range Water Reducer

Air Entrainet

PC Based High Water Reducer

Sprayed Concrete

Integral Water Proofing Compound

Paver Products

Water Proofing

Acrylic Polymer Cement Based

SBR Based Water Proofing

Elastomeric Water Proofing

Bitumeneous Anticorrosive Coat

Heavy Duty Reinforced Acrylic Water Proof Coating

Bitumeneous Sandwich Coat

Tiles Stone Adhesive

Tiles Adhesive

Bonding Inhensor

Stone Adhesive

Joint Filler Cement Based

Light Weight Block Joint Adhesive

Joint Filler Epoxy Based

Epoxy Tile Adhesive

Industrial Floor Hardener

Non Metallic Based Floor Hardener

Epoxy Floor Hardener

Silica Based Floor Hardener

Surface Treatment

Curring Compound

Cleaning Agent

Mould Release Agent

Industrial Grouts & Anchors

Cement Based Non Shrink Free Flow Grout

Polyster Resin Grout & Anchor

Epoxy Rasin Free Flow Grout

Epoxy Coating

Epoxy Coating Acid Proofing & Anti Corrosive

Epoxy Coating Water Proofing

Epoxy Coating Acid Proofing & Anti Corrosive

Concrete Repair & Micro Concrete

Cement Based Repair Mortar (Micro Concreting)

Epoxy For Old To New Concrete Bonding

Epoxy Based Repair Mortar


Poly Sulphide Based Sealant

Poly Urethane Based Sealant

Other Products


PP Fiber Net

Silicon Based Water Repellent

External Plaster

PP Mono Polymer Fibre

Flooring Tile Adhesive

Application Areas

Following are the areas where our products find their extensive use:

  • Anchor Grout
  • Bituminous Waterproofing
  • Concrete Admixture
  • Curing Compound
  • Elastomeric Waterproofing
  • Epoxy Floor Coating
  • Epoxy Flooring
  • Epoxy Grout
  • Floor Hardener
  • Glass Mosaic Adhesive
  • Industrial Flooring
  • Micro Concrete
  • Non Shrink Free Flow Grout
  • Non Shrink Grout
  • Precast Admixtures
  • Stone Adhesive
  • Superkot Waterproofing
  • Tile Adhesive
  • Wall Putty

We mainly serve in the Gujarat region